How To Increase Alexa Ranking Easily In 2018
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If you would like your business to thrive, it is significant for you to track your website performance.

Various web analytics tools assist you in measuring your visitors’ behavior. However, most of the analytics tool does not demonstrate proper comparisons with your direct competitors in the online market.

However, Alexa Rank is an essential metric to benchmark your website against your competitors. It ranks millions of sites in order of popularity, with an Alexa Rank of 1 being the trendiest.

Alexa Rank tells how a website is doing compared to all other sites, which makes it a high KPI for benchmarking and competitive study.

How is Alexa Rank calculated?

Alexa rank is determined using a proprietary methodology that merges a website’s estimated traffic and visitor commitment over the past three months.

Traffic and engagement are projected from the browsing behavior of people in our worldwide panel, which is an example of all Internet users. Using a combination of estimated average daily Unique Visitors and Pageviews over the course of 3 months, the site ranking is calculated.

Traffic ranks are rationalized daily. Unique Visitors are customers who visit a website on a given day. Pageviews are the overall number of user URL requests for a site.

The data is composed using one of 25,000 browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Does Alexa Rank Matters?

The Alexa Rank is a vital tool in digital marketing as it demonstrates the marketing potential of a website.

The lesser the number, the additional traffic that the site obtains and as a result of the more people those advertisements can be served too. Domains with lower Alexa Rank are usually regarded as more helpful than domains with higher Alexa Rank.

Having a low Alexa Score can enhance the Cost per Click (CPC) that you acquire during your Ad network or even assist you in driving pleasant local advertisers on your site. Consequently, lowering the Alexa Rank of your website could bear out advantageous for your company.

Factors Affecting Alexa Ranking

  • Bounce Rate and CTR (Click-through-rate). Learn how to increase your CTR.
  • Social Media share, likes, comments count.
  • Site Load Speed (which leads to visitors not leaving your site so quickly).
  • Site UX/UI.
  • Quality and Diversity of the views.
  • Number of page views.
  • Time spent on site per visitor.
  • Number of inbound links to website (also recognised as backlinks).
  • Traffic from individuals that make use of the Alexa Toolbar (which is an awful evaluation of several site visitors)

Let us discuss the ways for increasing your Alexa Ranking

1. Installation of Alexa Toolbar

It is one of the best ways for maximising Alexa Ranking. Their is a need to install Alexa toolbar and visit your website regularly. Alexa toolbar drive website action data to the server. The server saves every site activity of visitors.
Installing Alexa toolbar is an easy job.

  • Open Alexa Toolbar Installation Page with your favourite browsers like Google, Chrome, Safari and many more.
  • Next, Click on Install Alexa extension.
  • Finally, Alexa Toolbar extension gets install in your Browser.

2. Install Alexa Widget

Installing Alexa toolbar is facilitated to increase your website ranking. However, the major problem is, every clicks or hit on your website are not generated by you and unluckily not each visitor install an Alexa toolbar, and many visitors trip your site through phones. Alexa is smart to follow visitors to your website, but what if we aid Alexa to track hits on our site? For these circumstances, make use of Alexa widget on your website. Alexa widgets work like an Alexa toolbar installed in your website visitor and every hit create to transform your site ranking rapidly. If you are using a WordPress platform for your website, then use the Alexa Rank Widget plugin.

Note down: – If you don’t desire to illustrate widget to your visitors but required to maintain track of rank on it. Undertake the below code.

<div style=”display: none;”>
<!– Put Your Alexa Widget Code Here –>

3. Writing Engaging & Unique Content.

Search Engines like Google loves quality and Unique Content. Good content always strikes high-ranking in SERP’s and will help you to increase the amount of traffic on your site. It is significant to form unique and appropriate content that makes an impact on people. For sure, your content will walk off viral, if it can catch the attention of people, and consequently, your Alexa Rank will be better. A particular blog with high-quality content will drive tons of traffic to your website. Then visualise what can a few such blogs available on your website carry out? They can accomplish miracles! There is no astonished if your website’s Alexa Rank observes an extremely positive change. As we have discussed above, Alexa rank is straightforwardly related to traffic coming to your site. Therefore more traffic you are getting, you have more probability of getting top rank in Alexa Website rank. Moreover, Alexa has search analytics tab, which gives you an idea about the traffic your site is getting from the search engine, which also gets better over time.

Great content has the following characteristics:

  • Your content should answer the user’s questions.
  • Written in a systematic way.
  • Words limit 2000+ words.
  • Easy to read, actionable and backed by data or experiences.
  • It contains the whole thing you could probably desire to identify that topic.
  • Offered with excellent User Interface(UI )and User Experience(UX)

4. Build High-Quality Backlinks/ Internal links

Building first-class backlinks are exceptionally imperative to draw organic traffic, which in turn advances Alexa Rank of a website. Attaining links from reliable sites of the same niche is called as high-quality backlinks. However, one or two links from authoritative websites will do best for your website as it gets hold of enormous traffic.

Internal links, on the other hand, are links that direct from one page or post on your website to another. These are helpful because they act as a navigator and guide visitors through your website. Also, they contribute to website links as these appear in the search engine below your main page link. However, once more, creating top-quality content goes hand in hand with any internal linking plan, so make sure the content you create is pertinent and of worth to your visitors.

Overall, both inbound, as well as internal links, assist search engines to recognise the content of your site(s) and find out how helpful it is to visitors. Although a critical part of your online strategy, you should apply to link correctly. Unnecessary linking can decrease the credibility or readability of your website and may be penalised by search engines.

Here are some of the Backlinks building methods that you should overlook:

  • Avoid buying exact anchor text link. It would be best if you kept a ratio of 40%-20%–20%-10%-10% for anchor text difference.
  • Avoid importing bulk links from websites like Fiverr.
  • Avoid website wide linking from the footer in WordPress themes or plugins.
  • Don’t choose for link networks (Build my rank was one of such private link network, which got penalised).
  • Article directory links are not efficient to any further extend.
  • Avoid BlogRoll links.

Guest posting is the best method to acquire a quality link and additionally, it will help out you to take traffic to your web page. It’s also a great way to augment Alexa rank. Guest post will assist you in building backlinks and as a result, having a good number of backlinks will develop Alexa rank and websites linking in number will go elevated.

5. Write content regularly

Do you love dead blogs? Of course, your answer will no. So imagine if your blog does not frequently update how you obtain a decent amount of traffic. Writing content regularly is the backbone of this system to boost Alexa rank. Write daily for your blog, and that will assist you to augment your Alexa rank. You must write a 1-3 post every day if you are a beginner in blogging career. You will notice the outcomes of how quick your Alexa ranking is increasing.


Above all mentioned techniques will help you to increase Alexa rank of your website in 2019. Alexa Rank has the competence to show a negative effect on the growth of your business if you don’t think about it. So, we pressure that achieving a good Alexa Rank should be in your priority record!

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