9 Best SEO Tools for Auditing and Enhancing Website Performance in 2019
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“Search Engine Optimization,” You might have heard a lot about it on search engines. But still, you haven’t got that right answer. It is a general concept that you do SEO for your website for three primary reasons:

  • Getting a lot of customers online,
  • Achieving a lot of popularity and,
  • Having more sales online if you are a business entrepreneur.

We understand you are here for some practical answers. Answers that can help your business grow better in a productive manner right? So, we have researched a lot of creative techniques and strategies that are beautifully tested in a practical way that surely will bring the best results for your business growth.

Off to those methods shall we? Grab a pen and paper and note down how these SEO techniques and strategies can help you.

Generally, people come across problems like,”Yeah, my website’s all good, but I am not receiving any engagement over it.” So, here comes a practical and straightforward formula which we have found in our research:

If your website content is according to the user’s thoughts, you can get more customers. But what do people do? They put the content of their own choice and then afterward suffer the problems.

Do you know those essential factors that influence the website’s content? Here you will find top SEO or digital marketing techniques that will be going to dominate in 2020.

Let’s start it:

1. Google Voice Search Feature:

Use Google Voice Search Feature

Google released its Voice Search feature in the year 2002. Till now it is vastly adopted by smartphone users for searching online information. As most of the people like to use smartphones more than desktops or laptops, it can provide you an enormous advantage in doing SEO of your site.

It can help Google relocate your website whenever a user tries to search your site over the internet.

Things to Consider:

  • You should use those images that are optimized well and avoid the flash in the website program.
  • You should use high-quality images to make this function perform better on the mobile phones.
  • The mobile site should not block CSS files, videos, and images.
  • Optimize website loading speed.
  • Register on Google My Business page.
  • Use question format content on your website pages.

2. Accelerated Mobile Page Feature(AMP):

Accelerated Mobile Page

Generally, when you use your smartphone to search online, then Google shows the AMP pages first for better user experience.

Sometimes it shows in its top stories section, and this can give you a one-step advantage over your competitors. You can also enable your site through the Google app.

With the help of JavaScript, those AMP pages can gain much more influence in slower loading time and stronger user engagements like never before.

Things to Consider:

  • You should present better AMP custom commands that can be used in the HTML terms.
  • The JavaScript is good at loading the web page in the mobile faster. So, use AMP custom commands to increase the search ranks and get your business listed in search engines with the help of AMP settings.

3. Local SEO Feature:

Use the Local SEO feature

With growing digitalization, user all across the world find it easy to search for local business, i.e., organization, address, contact number, reviews, etc.

Local SEO helps the business grow effectively. When you list your business in Google My Business options, you provide your business service to your local customers.

As many people widely use local search on a daily basis, it is your time to increase your customers with the help of local SEO techniques.

It helps you to enhance your online directory listings and citations properly.

Things to Consider:

  • Try to build quality backlinks on local sites.
  • Add a decent amount of content on your website with crawlable keywords.
  • Ask the user to leave positive reviews on your ‘Google My Business’ account.
  • Correctly add Structured Schema data on your website.

You should make sure that your enough content with keywords that can help you in a better chance for search engine ranks. It will also allow the best business rankings that can be worth beneficial for your website.

4. Google Quick Answer Box:

Use of Google Quick Answer Box

Using Google quick answer box has provided many benefits in making SEO as an easy option for business. The Google search box mainly focuses on the keywords which people use to find any information related to their topic. Suppose when you search the term “SEO” the Google will show the listing about your locally searched keywords. You can observe about the long tailed keywords that can be used to make your business get displayed in the search results.

Things To Consider:

  • Select the Topic which is relevant to your targeted audience.
  • Create Quality Content to lure the visitors to your business website. Google only chooses those websites which have well-structured content with proper use of images, text, and videos.
  • Construct your page in the form of multiple questions for your viewers.
  • Optimize your SEO techniques and strategies for your questions and answers pattern using text-snippets answers in Google SERPS.
  • Measure your impact by other SEO techniques and know the results of Google search engine monitoring.

5. Microformat:

Use of Microformat

Microformat shows the specific information about your site to Google. So, more the information you reveal on Google, more the chances to get rank your website. This includes empowering rich text snippets to test and can help you in making better management with the help of the Google Webmasters tool in the search console options.

Things To Consider:

  • Add best quality content and tags data.
  • Use Google Webmasters tool to enhance the quality of the content and its structure in search analytics.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Using AI is the leading upcoming technology that Google has introduced recently. With the help of artificial intelligence, such as Google Hummingbird helps in relocating the search algorithm and it can be worth beneficial for your growth of the site in increasing customers at an enormous rate.

It can help you in analyzing the trending or top search ranking keywords that can help your site to be formed effectively without any problems.

Things To Consider:

  • Find better text predictive analytics that can be used to analyze the modern keyword tools.
  • Try to target specific keywords for every landing page.
  • Ask the user to leave their reviews.
  • Avoid the keyword stuffing techniques and to manipulate the link building strategies online.

7. Bounce Rate:

Clear your Bounce Rate Problem

There are plenty of reasons that people leave your site early. But the common interest is: They are getting bored. They want something new, something powerful that puts them into action.

When your website has proper and relevant images that describe your product in an advanced manner, why would your visitors leave your site? Ask what makes them go your business.

  • Track your user’s interest with the help of Click-through- rate (CTR).
  • You’ll get a better Idea about which part of your business website creates interest in them.
  • Show them those relevant ads so that they can buy products which are suitable for their needs.

8. User Experience:

Great User Experience

Have you ever thought about why a user would visit your website? What makes your site more exciting and user-friendly to browse? Not all require that same “pattern” of looking that necessary information. People like to be entertained.

So, make some difference. When you see that others are using images on their website, you should create videos.

It has been observed that videos are the best in making the visitors spend more time on your site. Present them according to their interest, not yours.

And try to be less funny in those videos. Nobody likes strict to-the-point information like robots does. Your customers are your people. Show them a little respect.

Provide them with some free stuff such as ebooks, or a “handy guide to do such stuff.” They will enjoy it. And this will lower your bounce rate level of your site.

9. Social Media: The Best Traffic Source

Social media A Best traffic Source

Think of it as a big market. It is a rule of giving and takes like using this formula: Give engagement = have an engagement.

When you stay up to date with your performance over responding and making participation in trending social media activities, the chances are that you can interest the online user.

When you do, you get:

  • Noticed on social media.
  • You catch people’s attention.
  • Get a platform to make yourself accessible.
  • People start coming to your site periodically to know more.

Your backlinks are Like Your Backstage Support:

Ever wondered why people create such backlinks for their site? They act as their gateways to invite people to their site. When you build the backlinks, you are like making your place on that website platform. It serves as an invitation card and makes people curious to check out your content link.

But how will you make them notice your content? The simple answer is Proper information that can be used practically.

  • Show them the importance of your business product.
  • Make your web page longer for them to stay.
  • Create posts on trending stuff which matches the category of your business.
  • Make them feel valuable. Present freebies so that they keep coming again and again.

Final Words:

And, so, such things can help you in presenting your site in a unique manner that is liked by every online user.

With the help of these SEO techniques of 2020, you can nail every difficulty to make your website get more SEO benefits like never before.
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