How To Increase Alexa Ranking Easily In 2018

So, you decided to go online with your business. But unfortunately, it is not getting listed in better ranks. You have searched a lot about how to make your website ranking better on Alexa, but you still finding your way to increase Alexa ranking easily!

Do you want some quick and practical results that can help your website get easily enlisted in Alexa? This article is for you then we guess. Unlike other websites that use site optimization strategies, we have added some practical methods of your approach towards getting stronger ranks on Alexa.

Ever wondered why your site is losing so much level of customers? And why your best competitors are making more progress? Here is why.

They follow a systematic approach that helps them in building their site better and convert their regular visitors to their customers. We have revealed our best secrets that can help you quickly understand the whole scenario.

What is Alexa and Alexa Rank?

Many of you are curious to know what Alexa is. Alexa helps in telling the rank information by maintaining the traffic data of your website. You can get to know where your site stands with the help of Alexa.

It tells you about how much your site is trending over the internet. Also, there is a local Alexa rank provider according to the countries.

Why Alexa Rank Matter?

Alexa is crucial that tells the ranking of the website. Many top marketers use it for advertising. If used effectively. It can significantly improve your Cost Per Click of advertisements.

Effect of Alexa Ranking on SEO

There is no direct relation between Alexa rank and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, a lower Alexa Rank is equal to higher amounts of traffic which could be related to your website posts on the top of Google search results.

Once your site comes under 10,000 websites, you will start receiving better visitors to your site.

You can also get to enlist your website in SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages). Getting such advantages can help your site get discovered in Google and will attract more benefits.

You also get the domain authority by getting shown of the search engines because of better rank by Alexa.


So here are we discussing how to increase Alexa ranking in easily. We have discovered many technical factors to pass the Alexa ranking system:

  • Website’s Ranking Depends on Number of Visitors to Your Site:

If your ranking isn’t right in the first 5000 searches, then the consequences are that you might suffer a huge loss. Already many websites are running on the webs that are ahead of you in this game.

You should focus on bringing visitors to your site.

A site that has around 3000-5000 visitors per day gets easily ranked up on Alexa. The Alexa shows those sites in its top ranks that have more visitors to their website.

It works similarly to the SEO process, but, the difference is that you can get better rank generating when the visitors start coming to your website.

  • Certify Your Metrics on Alexa:

Of course, Alexa may charge you to see and certifying your rankings, but you’ll get a better idea of where your website is in the Alexa ranking platforms.

From there, you can put on the estimate of what your site is lacking and how you can improve it.

You can also check other websites that are ranked in Alexa and learn a lot about them by certifying your site metrics.

  • Original and User Engaging Content Gets Better Ranking:

Make sure your website’s content is original. And it should be best for you if it has the engagement of users. Alexa favors that a site that has the best social traffic, and this can be a massive advantage for you.

You should try not to copy any content, and this can help you in keeping your website’s metrics better.

Plagiarized data cannot only drop your website’s ranking, but it can also cause web page optimization problems that can affect your SEO processes.

  • Take the Help of Cyber Cafes:

Cyber Café can provide you with excellent advice. You can ask them to install the Alexa toolbar & use your website as their homepage of the search engines.

It requires paying them, but the results are going to be awesome.

As people will come to use the internet and other accessories in a cyber café, you can build your audience in such matter. You can drive more visitors to your website quickly.

  • Ask Friends and Family to Visit Your Site Daily:

You can ask your family members to visit your business website 3-6 times so that your website stays in rankings. Let the visitors come to your site and increase your site’s popularity.

When your website starts receiving the regular number of visitors, this can keep your ranking stable. Afterward, you can introduce your site to others for better Alexa responses.

  • Engage Yourself in Webmaster Forums:

Yes! This is one of the essential things. You should stay active on those forums where you can participate in the discussions keep yourself up to date with your business activities over the web.

Once you start receiving some engagement on your posts, you can use the tools such as tagging, commenting and build better backlinks.

  • Share Your Posts on Social Media Platforms:

You can increase the chances of building better ranks with the help social sharing of your posts that can be effective. Respond to your followers by adding something new to them.

Remember: don’t only use social media for your business alone. People might get bored, and eventually, they will start losing their interest, and this can cause them to never return to your website.

You can allow more interactions such as participating in the social media competitions, and this will help you in retaining those people who can come and visit your website on a regular basis to find something new and exciting.

  • Increase Your Website Organic Traffic:

Alexa is smart enough to track your visitors online. And with better optimization of your website’s organic traffic, you can allow many advantages to those search IP benefits.

With the help of the email marketing process and other SEO techniques you can improve the ranking of the website and build the value of your organic traffic with its help.

  • Browse Your Website on Dynamic IPs:

You can help Alexa provide your website better rankings by introducing dynamic IPs system. Whenever you are restarting your internet, this can help Alexa to rank your site every time a new IP is generated.

Alexa will count it as a new user visit, and through this, you can also help your website in building rank better online.

  • Ask Users to Install Alexa Toolbar:

In doing so, whenever the user logs to your site, Alexa will collect the user activity and establish a perimeter about marking it as a popular site in its database.

We suggest you should ask your subscribers and customers to install Alexa so that your website in getting better benefits.

  • Target Bloggers and Webmasters on Your Blog:

You can also take advantage of target those bloggers and webmaster blogs. Write on multiple topics such as on SEO, blogging, about webmasters, people love to search about how they can improve their site’s rank.

So through this, you can get more visitors and Alexa will provide a better ranking for your website over the internet.

  • Do Good Keyword Research & Use Keywords That are in Trend:

You can take advantages of using those tools that can provide you in getting those keywords that getting popular among the websites. By doing so, you can allow Alexa to give you a better rank.

Use Keyword research tools such as Moz, Google AdWords, etc. to find those trending keywords that are widely searched over the search engines.

Keywords are important. They can help your business website content get searched by the people, and from there you can allow more customers and visitors to your website.

Many top business brands have conducted a survey where they found that using such a strategy has helped their website in increasing their ranking on Alexa platform.

There is this big myth that posting lengthy content can help in gaining more visitors and ranking but it isn’t true. People need information. And, this is what Alexa tried to provide them.

You don’t have to write such long posts about your business to get the visitor to your site. Simply, present it in a transparent, concise manner so that it can get shown in search results.

But in some cases, if the topic or the business is favorite, adding more content in the full form of visual information such as infographics that are well designed can help you in building better ranking in Alexa.

The primary goal of every search result is to provide the information that is easy to understand.

And in Alexa, it tracks by the help of your readability score. It shows how your content is more accessible for the audience to read.

And you can use it to your best advantage.

In some scenarios, the theory of “More Visitors, More Rankings” proved to be true.

Final Words:

So, to bring better rankings over the Alexa, you can follow the mentioned tips. They will surely help your site generate quality user traffic that will force Alexa to rank your site better.

We think you have found your answer for How To Increase Alexa Ranking Easily In 2018? You can also share other techniques you are following in the comment box below and help other readers.

We are eagerly waiting for your valuable thoughts about these techniques in the comment box. Have a great time!!! 🙂

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