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The two biggest giants when it comes to the world of smartphones are Android and iOS. Questions always lurk in mind when it comes to Android vs iOS.

Most of the world’s smartphone users and the best mobile brands use either of the two operating systems for their devices. Android and iOS are the two biggest giants when it comes to the world of smartphones.

Either of the two operating systems is often used for the devices of the best mobile brands and the global smartphone users.

The first two take away the larger shares when it comes to the biggest competitors though Windows and Linux are quite nice. Which mobile OS is the best is the fundamental question that we keep on asking ourselves time and again?

This debate is a never-ending one honestly speaking. The iPhone users will always speak about the surreal features their iPhones have as they are the loyal users. Those who have been using Android since ages, will glue to it on the other hand.

It is only through a complete comparison that can tell us which of the two is really the winner in the game of Android vs iOS.

Check out the comparison that we have crafted for you to discover which mobile OS works the best!

User Interface and Experience

The user interface and experience is the first criteria where the iOS scores higher than Android. People who lack the dexterity with multiple menus to tackle, Android phones are a lot more complicated.

You have to search through different apps, then menus, the sub-menus, and finally the option pops up with the simple setting as wake time of your phone.

The older generation for this reason finds it quite difficult to navigate through an Android operating system. It is a major concern while looking at Android vs iOS.

This is not a concern with iOS. iOS makes the interface, usability, and the ease of operating the phone quite easier. Unlike Android phones, the settings and appearance of the settings are consistent across devices as it might at times change depending on the mobile brands.

Compared to Android, it is easier to search in iPhone even though being powered by Google. The appearance on an iOS device is a lot more refined, organized, and consistent.

The extent of customization of icons is greater and the number of widgets that iOS offers is higher. However, it is possible to customize the complete look of your phone to a greater extent with Android than iOS with several themes available in the Android phones.

Operating System Compatibility in Android vs iOS

You will have to get an iPhone if you wish to ensure that you are always running the latest version of the OS.

What is the reason behind it?

To update the OS on their devices to the latest version, Android phone makers are quite slow in this.

It is expected that the older phones will eventually lose support for the recent versions of OS in both the cases but compared to Android it support for the iOS on older devices is still better especially while considering android vs iphone meme.

For example, iOS 11 was completely supported on the iPhone 5S even after being released in 2013. iOS 11 was then made available on about 66% of compatible models in just 6 weeks from its release with the complete support on such an outdated device.

Android Oreo was only running on 0.2% of Android devices even after 8 weeks from its release on the other hand.

Therefore, you need to get an iPhone if you wish to get the latest updates as soon as they are available.

Variety in terms of choosing the device

There is no doubt to it that Android offers its customers various options at the time of buying a smartphone. Some of the best mobile brands are available with an Android OS, so, you have various options out there.

Most of the globally reckoned brands that come with Android OS are Samsung, Redmi, Realme, Vivo, and more.

Android is an open-sourced is something that is quite interesting to note. Any of the smartphone brands can make use of it to develop their devices.

iOS on the other hand is a close-sourced OS. When it comes to using iOS, you have several constraints as far as the device is concerned here. All that you can buy ahead are the iPhones handsets.

You have quite less of varieties, waiting for the newer models to develop.

The exclusiveness of iPhones makes it a lot more expensive than the Android phone for this simple reason. From the market, you can purchase an Android phone as low as hundred dollars. iPhones is a mark of status and is often associated with the affluent class. The cheapest of the lot mainly comes at four hundred dollars.

The range of features that Android smartphones can offer in terms of hardware may not be present in iPhones is what the Android vs iOS 2020 warfare marks.

Get hundreds of brands functioning on Android compared? Will iPhone be able to match up to the varied aspects of all the different brands out there? Hell it would not!

Tech Support in Android vs iOS

Compared to iOS, Android is quick enough in updating itself with the latest technologies. In terms of 4G and then in terms of 5G network connectivity, it has defeated iOS.

Along with it, Android sees more participants due to it being an open-sourced with a lot of advancements.

To support the creation of such a screen is already in place unlike the iPhones since the Android phones come in foldable forms as well as technology.

iOS generally prefers waiting around for a technology to come across as reliable and full-proof is what we can say here. Many Android phones have been in news for the technological mishaps and accidents compared to iPhones.

If Android scores are higher on the rapidity of technological advancement, iOS beats it in terms of filtering tested and superior technology on the other hand.

In the last few years, Android has been first to welcome the new specs almost always preceding their iOS support with new wireless tech standards appear every year like the spring bird migration.

Android had previously taken the lead in Android vs iOS for wireless charging, 4G LTE, and touchless voice commands, and it is the first with 5G network support.

Apple tends to wait in queue till the next technology is useful here.

The choice is completely yours!

Device Integration in Android vs iOS

People also make the use of computers, tablets, and wearables aside from the smartphones. Consistency and an integrated experience are the major deciding factors for them.

Now, iPhones are offering features that Android phone makers cannot since Apple makes tablets, smart watches, and computers.

You can unlock your Mac with the use of Apple watch if you choose to make use of Apple devices. As soon you arrive home, you can also draft an email on your iPhone and choose to submit it on your Mac. You can also use your smart watch to answer phone calls.

Google have services that can operate across different Android devices like Gmail and Google Maps. But, there will not be a unified experience unless all your devices are made by the same Android maker.

So, the war of Android vs iOS is still on!

Affordability in Android vs iOS

Apple is always at the high end of the market in terms of costing. But, things took a different turn with the inception of iPhone X.

You can already get a new iPhone X starting at a price of $1,000. You can opt for an iPhone XR that can be purchased for as low as $750 if you want something cheaper.

iOS devices cannot compete with Android ones when it comes to the variety. Even at a low cost, you can already get a quality Android handset.

In this sphere of Android vs iOS, for budget-conscious people, Android is the best choice as there are myriads of free apps.

App Selection and Control

Comparing the Apple App Store, it is true that Google Play has a massive selection of apps. But, the overall selection is not the basis here is what you should know.

While Google is pretty lax, Apple is known to be strict about its app standards. What Apple is doing helps prevent the security threats though the control here seems to be very tight. Fake apps were published on Google Play before in case you did not hear about the news. Millions of people downloaded fake WhatsApp.

In addition to them all, for various phones, Android app developers complained about the challenges faced in developing apps.

For instance, the developers of Temple Run reported that during its initial release on Android devices, numerous support emails received the complaints about compatibility issues.

Gaming Experience in Android vs iOS

There was a time when Sony’s PlayStation Vita and Nintendo’s 3Ds had dominated the realm of video gaming. But, everything transformed with iPhones.

Among the notable players in today’s mobile video gaming realm are the iPhone and iPod.

The popularity of iOS as a gaming platform has led the tech enthusiasts to forecast that Apple will soon be ruling the mobile gaming platform with thousands of amazing games and massive following of players.

We cannot deny the fact that iOS has an advantage here as Android may have its fair share of hit games. And this is a true fact considering iphone vs android meme!

Security and Privacy in Android vs iOS

iOS manages to beat Android in this single area while we discuss about android vs ios security. The reason is quite simple!

Android is an open-sourced while iOS is not. This makes Android more probe to cyber-security threats and malware attacks. News such as “Google removed so-and-so apps from its Play Store for security issues” must be a common update that you see if you are an Android user. This is not the case with the iPhones.

The issue is more prevalent in Android phones though we cannot say that iPhones are completely safe against any kind of security threats, when speaking of Android vs iOS.

In the past, even the biggest mobile brands and the biggest online giant Google have not been able to prevent such security breaches. Over the privacy policy, Google has also been in news for quite some time.

Compatibility with other devices

The ability of seamless integration with Mac has made iPhones quite popular. However, there are the same features that are associated with the recent versions of Android phones.

For the sheer diversity in the best mobile brands and laptops/computers in the market, this is what that makes them score higher in this category.

The ecosystem of the device extends up to Bluetooth speakers which are not even a component in the world of iPhones, Google Assistant speakers and smart TV sets are among the notable rest.

The family of Apple is stronger here.

Laptops, computers, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPads, smart speakers, and so on are the range of devices that are supported by iOS.

Accessibility in Android vs iOS

Operating systems and the best mobile brands have come a long way when it comes to the accessibility. To make their devices suited for people with disabilities; both the Android and iOS devices have worked quite hard.

VoiceOver screen reader system, Back Tap, zoom dictation, Pointer Control, and so on, is the features included under Apple Sound Recognition.

Android also has some great features rolled up its sleeves. It includes the Voice Access, Lookout, TalkBack, Tecla, Enabling devices and others.

These are some effective Android vs iOS features here!

Camera and Photos

It has been the focus for new smartphone and mobile OS releases of late as the smartphone cameras might come with the operating system of the phone. You can find the great camera options in either system.

Samsung Galaxy S20 can shoot at a whopping 108 megapixels and that number is less important than the design of the camera sensor.

To make your pictures look even better than the sensor and lenses that are capable of by themselves, both operating systems have impressive photo enhancement software. Both can offer slow motion, panorama, time-lapse shooting, low-light, and add bokeh or background blur to a portrait.

Android allows you to take photo sphere 360-degree photos, and its Google Lens lets you search for nearby shopping as well as translate text and scan documents offering some nifty capabilities that are not found in the stock iPhone camera apps.

It also offers a low-light mode and framing hints. Apple needs you to use a third-party app that can save raw camera files such as great Adobe Lightroom app and the photographers will appreciate that they save raw camera files from an Android phone.

Business Features

Security and Updates/ Fragmentation are the two of the previous sections that comes into play here. For iOS, both are wins. But, when selecting a smartphone platform for business, there are other important considerations when it comes to Android vs iOS.

The open architecture of Android is preferable that allows them to create apps that go deeper and wider in terms of accessing system features for some businesses. It includes the parental control/MDM issue mentioned above is related to it. We noted that Android allows third-party services to take over the phone parental control while Apple does not.

With both Microsoft Office and Google Docs, either phone plays well so that there is no differentiator. Specifically with the Your Phone app discussed above, Android does integrate better with Windows 10.

There would be a reason to choose Android since most of the businesses run on Windows.


As long as they do not malfunction, both Android and iOS devices generally work well for daily use. but, when they break down, we cannot avoid instances. The way you get support really matters the most when that happens.

You can just take your device to the nearest Apple Store with the iOS devices. There will be a trained specialist who can help resolve the issue here.

There is no such thing in Android. You can look out to the phone maker or a third-party repair shop to get support for your decide. But, you can never be sure of it.

While having to deal with the Android platform, do you think that they have been trained well?

To prevent the issues, you should make sure to install Android cleaner apps.

In the support category, having one source for professional support gives the iOS devices an upper hand.

Voice Assistant

Artificial Intelligence will become the frontier of smartphone features in the coming years. Android vs iOS pros and cons are always there. Android has an obvious advantage if you look at it today.

Android’s intelligent voice assistant is Google Assistant. In terms of what Google knows, it takes an advantage over it.

To make life easier for you is how it is basically designed.

For instance, it will send you a notification to leave early if you have a meeting set on your Google Calendar. To boost the performance of your device while you do other important things, you can even ask it to run your Android cleaner app.

Siri, is still at the edge of improvement. To the fairly simple tasks, this assistant for iOS is currently limited. It also does not offer any smart features that Google Assistant does.

Availability and Fragmentation

You can be assured that it will receive the latest iOS updates for at least several years if your buy an iPhone.

In terms of updates becoming more widespread, specifically with its Android One initiative, Android is getting better and it is still far behind the iOS on this count here.

Android 10 runs on less than 10 percent of devices whereas iOS 13 is on 81 percent of iPhones and 92 percent of devices that are purchased within the past four years as neither the company’s developer site yet reveals the android vs ios market share of the just released versions.

The actual order to magnitude greater than that of Android is iOS update adoption.

Android vs. iOS- Which is better?

If we sit down comparing both, choosing the best mobile brands and the better operating system can be a tough task.

Yet, we have tried enlisting few of the major points. Here we can check Android scores higher than iOS and some where iOS scores higher.

There are points where it is quite difficult to make one decision exclusively at the same time. It is worthy of trying when it comes to the list of features that each of the operating system makes.

You might feel others falls short major features you feel addicted to if you have been loyally using one operating system for a long time now.

It might be for your eagerness for a new experience or simply for the sake of interest. You would be trying the other OS and you will not be disappointed and it all depends on your budget.

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