Hospitality technologies
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The hotel industry is twirling its level of hospitality using advanced technologies. There is massive competition in the hotel industry; this is the reason hoteliers are looking up for advancements. The hoteliers or accommodation providers are trying to deliver a hyper-personalized and seamless experience. With digitally tuned strategies,  hoteliers are trying to engage their visitors to ensure the escalation of repeat business. Hospitality is being transformed with a digital technology-enabled industry powered by online, mobile, cloud, AI-enabled applications.

With the focus to transform the experience of the visitors and travellers, the hoteliers are looking for opportunities to connect more deeply. Therefore, technologies like AI and AR/VR are offering a wide range of benefits. It has been predicted that more than 60 % of hospitality providers prefer to use their hotel apps to enhance your customer reach.

Technologies improving the guest experience in the hotel industry
The traveller experience is transforming the way travellers interact with the world. Many essential trends setting tech giants are investing so heavily in this fast-evolving technology.

AR/VR & Wearables
AR/VR has recently gained a lot of grip in the modern industry. Where these technologies are offering an immersive experience, wearables lets the users engage in a digital environment. Many hotel businesses are trying to attract and engage their potential customers with these digital experiences. Virtual tours of hotels and hotel rooms in 360 degrees can be viewed through smart devices. There are immersive elements that deliver insights about hotels and distant places.

AI Chatbots
AI Chatbots is the best way that makes you stay well-connected 24×7 with your customer. The travel industry can utilize AI chatbots and virtual assistants for better results. Offer a customized experience for your guest with personalized customer service, including family discounts, suggest rooms, business trips and a lot more. AI chatbot featured with advanced kind of conversational chatbots utilizes Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to learn your customers over time.

Voice-Activated services
Voice-activated service can be used hospitality to offer a seamless experience to your guest. Popular virtual assistant Alexa is a trendsetter in the field of hospitality. Voice recognition can be used as an effective method for assisting hospitality staff. The hotel industry can leverage this advanced technology to remain ahead in the cutting edge competition. It not only simplifies the complex tasks but also segregates the whole process of guest dealing daily.

Geo-location Technology
The Geo-location technology sends customized push notifications where the potential customer or guest enters a specific location. The hoteliers can take their hotel services to the next level with this interactive technology. Engage the guest with in-house services and facilities with context-relevant and tailored communication. Doing so hoteliers can facilitate the guest to check-in via smartphones or offer them deals related to complimentary hotel services. Such services allow travellers to revisit your hotel.

Cloud-based Management
Cloud-based Management can help the hoteliers to not only useful in developing smart internal strategies, but also ensure to engage external customers. After gathering guest data, use it in the right manner of hospitality entities.

Cloud-based Management can help you to mine data, store, and use it for personalized notifications and offers. Thus, based on the guest preferences and behaviour hotel industry can substantially enhance the overall guest experience. This also helps to centralize the hotel organization within one platform that can be managed easily. Adopt cloud-based technologies for your hotel to provide a guest with a friendly experience.

Bottom line
The hotel industry is more forecasted towards high-touch service and high-tech components. These days advanced technology is available and becoming more affordable. As a result, in the hotel industry, there is a hike in the implementation of high-tech empowered strategies. Offer personalized experience by integrating advanced digital technologies and proprietary data for customers. Uplift your hotel services three times faster than those that don’t. Improve customer service by offering tailored guest experiences with the help of advanced technologies.

Author Bio: Harry Willam is a marketing expert at Quytech, a well-known Custom Mobile App Development Company providing Android, iOS and React Native app development service across the globe.

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