Wikipedia Page Creation
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Wikipedia is one of the biggest online encyclopedia, and user-to-user is its principle. Wikipedia has millions of pages divided by topic and different languages. Articles are written collectively and are continually expanding thanks to the knowledge of users.

Considering that Wikipedia pages often appear among the first search results in the Google search engine, it is clear that many companies want to use their extensive range of actions, creating their contribution. But how to create a Wikipedia page, and what should you pay attention to?

In digital marketing, creating a wiki page is something that you should always keep in mind:

5 steps to create your own Wikipedia page

If you can write a page on Wikipedia, then you must know that writing on any topic is a complicated task. Wikipedia itself thoroughly tests the content, and the significance of the matter is essential.

In order to prevent the abolition of your work, from the very beginning, it is recommended to take into account some basic criteria. Below is a step-by-step guide for creating a Wikipedia page.

Account creation

To be able to create a page, you must first have a user account. Open the Wikipedia site and click on the “Register” at the top right side. For Wikipedia to register correctly, only the username and password of your choice is required. Once selected, enter the CAPTCHA security code and proceed to create an account to complete the registration.

Check topic and relevance

Before you start writing the text of your page, it is essential to make sure that the content you want to process is not yet part of an already published page. Then search, and if you can’t find any page dedicated to the same topic, you can continue writing by clicking “Create” in the upper right corner, next to the search panel.

Equally important is the monitoring of relevance criteria. Wikipedia clearly and in detail, sets out what are the requirements and what are the conditions under which this topic is relevant. Typically, a character or event matters when they make sense to the community for a long time.

Besides, there are separate criteria for specific thematic categories, such as social events or companies. In this case, Wikipedia made everything very clear.

This step of Wikipedia Page Creation may confuse you a bit. There is also a page for relevance criteria for companies. For example, Wikipedia classifies companies with a minimum of 1,000 full-time employees or at least 20 jobs.

However, young companies, such as startups, should not despair because innovation is a factor to be taken into account. Wikipedia also has a free relevance check, which could eliminate any doubts about relevance. 

Search for content and insert sources

Once you are sure that the topic is relevant, you can start or continue searching for content. At this stage, it is essential to check the entire content of your article and provide sufficient documentation, since you will also need to indicate the sources used on the page you created.

Since this is your first time creating a page on Wikipedia, it may be useful to compare it with other existing pages.

It is also worth checking if there is an article on your topic in another language. After carefully reviewing the contents and ascertaining that they are also valid for your page, you can use them.

Spelling text

At this stage, it is essential to check the entire content of your article and provide sufficient documentation, since you will also need to indicate the sources used on the page you created.

Among the main factors of writing, there is also the significance and ease of shared understanding. Pay attention to the guidelines for structuring an article. Stylistic tips serve as a guide for the relevant expressions to be used. Depending on the scope of the subject area, more detailed recommendations may be obtained.

Publish Page

When you are finished editing your page, just click “Save.” By clicking on “Show preview”, you will be shown an article, its appearance after checking and accepting Wikipedia. Users already published on Wikipedia are immediately notified of the publication of the article.

First of all, Wikipedia checks the suitability by checking for any flaws. If you are warned about suggestions for improvement, read and do not spend too much time correcting the proposed changes; otherwise, you risk that your work will be canceled.

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