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Social Media marketing is one of the chief sources when it comes to digital marketing. According to the report of statista, the universal social media network users in 2018 were 2.62 billion, and it will be upbeat to 3 billion in 2021.

These numbers hold addicts of all social media platforms. Now, it provides us with a clear initiative regarding how social media platforms are struggling to boost their users. Each social media platform is updating their services according to their UX. The best illustration of this is Facebook.

In 2010, it only offered the services of conversation and profile making website, but at this time we can upload videos, histories and perform many more things. However, Facebook has also launched ads for marketers to reach their target audience.

The social media platforms assist businesses to connect their users and promote their products & services. If you correctly advance your products & services, then no one can stop you from becoming a brand.

Experimenting with new platforms will permit you to achieve an understanding of what boom with your consumers, working with the data to glance for the best solutions for your company.

Below reveals some social media marketing trends that your business should not walk off without trying in 2019. In this guide, we will discuss some useful social media strategy planning that you should take to make sure your brand produces a determined yet practical social media marketing strategy. Let’s dive in…

Text to Visual- Live Streaming

In addition to brief content, video content usually, incorporate live video, is a critical area that marketers require to focus on. Video persist in taking over social media and is a consistently big trend for 2019. The online marketing expert Marcus Sheridan says that 80% of what we use online will be video content, by 2019. Even YouTube continues to set off as a platform and give more and more YouTube users a possibility to make original video content for their viewers. By making their existence experience across these video platforms, marketers can advantage from the productive outcomes of having an appealing audience.

Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and so on, you must be supposed on it through live streaming! When you do everything live, it permits your addressees to interact with your company instantaneously easily and gives the prospects to demonstrate your personality in real-time; which is essential when it comes to your business. Authenticity and people who are relevant are the ones you discover achieve something.

Study and find out about your audience

Linking and engaging with your audience is fundamental in today’s marketing if you would like to turn a profit. You should be capable of identifying their requirements, wants, and desires -if you look forward to forming a successful social media strategy.

Tips you can better understand your audience

  • Get involved in discussions on forums filled with your target audience
  • Reply to comments on your blog, and comment on additional blogs with a similar target audience
  • Gather feedback by using various tools
  • Glance suspiciously at their demographics
  • Respond to all comments or questions on your social media channels
  • Once you get aware of your target audience, you are better prepared to facilitate them. They desire to compact with businesses that take care of them, not just an unknown brand.
  • Review your audience to grasp their pain points better

Make your social media content carefully

Each part of the content you post on social media should be suspiciously studied. If you are posting to post something, then you’re leaving regarding it all incorrect. However, it depends on the social media network where you decide to post.

Here are some examples:

LinkedIn – A professional network that is ideal for B2B audiences. You may also involve LinkedIn Pulse, a content publishing and distribution platform.

Facebook – In the modern world, everyone has a Facebook account. Mostly suitable for news/entertainment associated content. While Facebook Pages needs great effort to execute, Facebook Groups can be a great method of linking with your ideal audience.

Instagram – Great if your content is incredibly visual. Static images, as well as short videos, work exceptionally well, but it will not drive traffic to your blogs.

Pinterest – Similar to Instagram, Pinterest is highly visual. Although it’s incomplete to static images, it can be exceedingly helpful at driving traffic back to your blog.

Once you gain knowledge about the different networks, you can concentrate on which ones you consider will engage well with your business. A first factor of killing it at your social media strategy is using the right words. The method you obtain your message across will differ depending on the social network you’re posting content on. However, generally, there are ways to advance your online visibility overall online social media platforms.

To craft appealing copy on social media:

  • Make use of copywriting techniques.
  • Concentrate on your audience directly.
  • Draw on snappy, humorous, or exciting hooks to initiate your social media posts.
  • Switch it up with diverse content categories (Try linking to blog posts, videos, asks questions, etc.).
  • Always write down a description on each link you post. Never put the headline of the post.
  • If you are perfect in writing your social media content, you will observe higher engagement rates, new followers, and produce more leads and sales.

Utilise Pinterest to take your strategy to the next level

Pinterest is the third trendiest social network among adults. Moreover, the second leading search engine besides Google. Are you a little bit perplexing, right? Is it a social media platform, or a search engine? It’s, in fact, a visual search engine that is commonly confused with a social media network. well, Pinterest can capitalise on your website traffic, your earnings, and your reliability and power in your niche.

To get on track with Pinterest in your social media strategy:

  • Create a business account
  • Allow rich pins
  • Make a tremendous and keyword-rich profile
  • Form appropriate boards (use keywords as the board’s name and in the board description)
  • Initiate using an automation tool, like TailWind or Board Booster.
  • Craft pin-worthy graphics
  • Start on engaging on the platform straightforwardly (as well as with automation tools -for best consequences)

As a result, this will assist develop your Pinterest following, and the traffic will start to pour in. Moreover, your income will burst into flames. You’ll be happy you concluded Pinterest the main concern in your social media strategy!

Voice Search

In the modern digital age, searches for products and brands are completed across various search engines. While it is simple to access the majority of information, you require making certain voice assistants like Siri, Google and Alexa can come across your brand easily if searched. However, allows a complete voice search strategy to be integrated into your social media marketing 2019 plans.

Promotion is key to your whole strategy

You could build the most astonishing, quality content on the web, but if no one gets eyes on it, you will not see results. Here promotion comes into play. We have already talked about automation tools as it is essential for you to use them for the social media platforms you have selected for your social media strategy. Moreover, you also desire to have a separate tool for Pinterest, such as TailWind. This in order will capitalise on the number of people who observe your content, and it will assist you in skyrocketing your website traffic and revenue.

Creating exceptional and different content for social media is central, but doesn’t neglect the promotion procedure. This is a massive oversight that many bloggers and company owners make.

So what promotional effort can you execute to level up your strategy?

    • Traverse promote between your other social profiles
    • work together with influencers in your production
    • Run a social media competition that cheers participants to follow you
    • Influence additional platforms you have contact to (for instance, after someone subscribes to your email list, ask them to chase you on social media.)
    • Get a Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-driven approach to the content you publish on social networks (for illustration; use appropriate hashtags on Instagram and use well-liked keywords in titles/descriptions on YouTube.)

AI-driven customer service

From chatbots to social media and optimisation, platforms such as Google, Amazon and Facebook have been speedy to implement artificial intelligence for enhancing customer interaction, particularly in the form of online customer service. In 2018, the increase in AI-driven communication had been unquestionable, and Hootsuite has forecasted that by 2020, above 85% of all customer service connections will be power-driven by AI bots. A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) agenda that replicates interactive human conversation by using critical pre-calculated customer phrases and audible or text-based signals. Chabot’s are quite versatile. Furthermore, they also offer clients the chances to get answers and communication rapidly, which feel very personal. Therefore if you haven’t previously, 2019 might be the year to experiment Chabot’s for your industry. Test it out and figure if it’s perfect for you and your business!

Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content is a prompt and accepted technique to connect with your audience. Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook stories are undeniably something you must look and implement it. This kind of content is only shared for up to 24 hours and then withdraws perpetually. Moreover, Ephemeral content also permits you to be more genuine since the content you post is more real-time content. Stories are a mode for sharing new content to bring and connect your followers to your real page. Having stories that become visible at the top of your follower’s feed maintain your brand at the top of their psyche.

Proper use of Hashtag

The hashtag we apply on social media is for getting explored by the customer. It is used continuously with the pound symbol (#). The hashtag is not anything but the keywords. For instance, if you are engrossed in knowing regarding the particular product and you look for it in the search block of social media platform. It will illustrate you its images, stories, pages and videos of the product.

When it comes to social media marketing, the hashtag should be such keywords that are projected to be searched by users. Some platforms show the keyword suggestion like facebook, Instagram etc.

How can you use the hashtags?

  • Always make use of a hashtag with the appropriate keyword of your content.
  • Don’t utilise hashtags on every word. One or two hashtags have more impact than more number of hashtag.
  • Don’t divide words and use a hashtag for it. The improved way is to link words and provides a single hashtag to it.
  • Don’t oblige to use hashtags on all post.

Paid Marketing

Some social media like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn recommends you paid marketing for your brand. In paid marketing, you can get in touch with peoples having a concern in the products & services you offer. The advantages of running ads on social media platform are you can always do target based marketing, which also assists you to save money.

Social media marketing can be an uphill struggle. However, the benefits are complicated to disregard. If you don’t take it sincerely, you’ll fail to see out on leads, customers, online visibility, and sales. Draw on these strategies to fine-tune your social media marketing strategy in anticipation of creating a winning strategy. Just bear in mind, social networks are prepared for conversing with others. If you don’t make your audience top precedence, you won’t see the domino effect. Having a strong marketing strategy obliges over adjusting your precedences year after year. You have to be continuously on the pay attention for technologies and opportunities to stand out from the crowd. Follow the most up-to-date tech and marketing news to keep up on the significant trends and changes you should be taking advantage of.

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