Apps for Real Estate Broker
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Without any doubt, the real estate industry has increasingly become mobile as brokers are constantly on the move and need running their businesses. Luckily, your smartphone can be a thing of beauty as well as productivity, especially for real estate brokers. Getting organized isn’t tough; you can ensure timely communication and stay efficient with a list best apps for Real Estate Agents.

Best Apps for Real Estate Broker

1. Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media website with billions of users. There are lots of real estate Facebook groups and pages which you can join and follow. Facebook groups might be a good place to start looking for new customers as it is a good place to find the target audience. Although you might want to use Facebook Desktop version as the mobile website has less features compared to it.

2. Evernote

Working over Evernote would make you feel like using a dozen apps in one. You can take and share notes, snap photos, record audio, scan documents, prepare slide presentations and much more. Evernote is a versatile smart application that works like a super digital brain whereas the platform can auto-sync across all devices such as computer, tablets and phones. Preparing notes and giving your thoughts a digital shape is only a few keystrokes away!

3. The News Funnel

Though we all have our favourite new sources with us, an app for the particular purpose always come in handy! The News Funnel is free and can stream all sorts of real estate news 24/7. You can even create customised feeds as well as have instant access to local and international news pertinent to real estate brokers industry. The best feature is using this app as your ultimate distribution and advertising platform against the content fabricated by you solely.

4. Box

It is the best, secure, business oriented and come with lots of free space (approximately 10 GB); Box is powered by cloud technology which means it’s an excellent collaboration tool that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. You can extract information (legally that is) such as real estate contracts, forms, plans and more 24/7 from anywhere.

5. DocuSign

For fast, easy and 100 percent secure electronic signatures, DocuSignis the ultimate solution. It’s completely legal and once the prospect is ready to take initials, wasting even a single second is unwise! With DocuSign, all your critical papers are stored in digital format as well as shared internally with the app. It also offers specific plans designed especially for real estate brokers and professional agents that are customisable per the need.

6. Hightower

With Hightower, all your critical leasing data is always on your fingertips whereas the app is currently leading the lease management platform. The mobile app enables commercial property consultantsto process their leasing anywhere, anytime. The platform is collaborative, intuitive and increases productivity.

7. Skype

We’re all very familiar with Skype and it’s the best solution to have an effective and efficient two-way conversation when actual meeting isn’t possible. For real estate agents, they can give an actual tour of the property to imminent buyers located offshores. The software can be used to share documents as well so let it be the ultimate solution to all your real estate deals.

8. Mint

Every broker has the right to know about their incoming and outgoing budget. Whether it’s corporate travel or a dinner with marketing client, it’s important to understand all about your spending. Mint can help you track these spending habits thus making it an important real estate tool.


For all real estate brokers, the above smart applications would definitely ease the entire process.

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