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With the propagation of technology, the intimidating menace of automation wearing down job security and the promise of many possessions for young entrepreneurs, therefore coding bootcamps have been thriving globally for the past decade. According to Course Report’s 2016 estimates, the number has distended to 91 around the clock coding bootcamps, boasting a sum of nearly 18,000 graduates. A coding bootcamp is a technical training course that teaches the programming skills to the employers like Digital marketing, Data Science, Full stack web development and UX/UI Design.

Coding bootcamps allow students with small coding expertise to spotlight on the most critical phases of coding and instantaneously apply their new coding skills to unravel real-world problems.  Individuals who attend the bootcamp training have a goal to switch into a profession of web development. They undergo knowledge for building applications at a professional level. As a result, it will offer companies for making apps according to their requirement and reveal they have the proficiency to add importance to the potential employer.

Coding bootcamps educate a technical program of study in popular languages and frameworks like Ruby on RailsPython on DjangoJavaScript, and PHP stack. They are also profoundly project-based and necessitate students to put their learning into practice instantly. Students build completely functional web-apps, do data analysis and use authentic dev tools just weeks into their programs. In recent years, the bootcamp model has unlimited to other digital skills like UX/UI Design, Data Science, and Cybersecurity.

Coding Bootcamps Teach What Startups call for

Apart from speeds high impact learning, coding bootcamps teach the recent hard technical proficiency that matches the technologies and considered as best startups for building and launching products in a short period. So, lets us discuss advanced technologies that coding bootcamps teach and organisations are searching for.

Here’s how….

Coding Languages

It is complicated for a web developer to choose the programming language for their training. However, there are various programming languages are available and selecting the best one can be menacing. It is significant to take into consideration that once you gain knowledge of your first coding language, further programming languages will be easier to make a choice up if you have taken the time to study strong foundational programming skills.

Here we will give you information about common programming languages that coding bootcamps frequently teach, why they are used, and help you understand what you require to know for making the choice that is right for you in your coding trip.


Companies used: Groupon, GitHub, BaseCamp, Airbnb

The Ruby Coding language was intended with one primary opinion, i.e. Developer Happiness.  This programming language is straightforward to read, quick to learn and simple for developers for solving the severe problems.  However, the learning curve to become master in Ruby is less as compared to other programming languages. After some time, you will capable to write and implement the Ruby coding and solve complex algorithm test.

Moreover mastering in Ruby offers you a perfect springboard to gain knowledge of additional programming language. The open source Ruby community is significant, very dynamic, and welcoming to people of all ability levels. When an active, universal community backs your programming technique, it means you have plenty of opportunities to discover and work on attention-grabbing projects with fabulous people.


Companies: Uber, eBay, Netflix, Airbnb

Nowadays user interface depends on JavaScript for creating the smooth user experience.

JavaScript skills are fundamental software engineering proficiency in the present day and tomorrow. However, a developer uses JavaScript for building the front end of their user experience and integrates various programming languages with it. Learning JavaScript is a practical ideal to become the best web developer. With learning JavaScript as the coding language, you can increase proficiency in several programming languages. As a result, you will know as a polyglot programmer who is trained in multiple coding languages. Your ability and flexibility with many programming languages will make you eye-catching to the employers. Therefore most coding bootcamps teach JavaScript in addition to additional programming languages.


Companies: Facebook, Mozilla, IBM, Yahoo, Google

Python is a coding language that becomes trendy in data science and scientific computing. In addition to functioning sound in data science fields, web frameworks like Django and Pylons compose Python a programming language that is practical to write web applications

Additional Languages

Different coding languages like PHP, C++, Java, .NET (and C#) are regularly used computer programming languages used in the real world. These languages are less taught in the coding bootcamp milieu.

Web Development frameworks

Developers make use of Web application frameworks to write code quickly. It provides easy ways for performing actions that require taking place various times within the one application.  These web development frameworks make developers life easier . Because they allow them to concentrate on the features that you look for rather than ordinary or repetitive responsibilities. However, if you are creating a web app, companies generally recommend you to utilise a web application framework that works best for you. Therefore with programming languages, you need to select the framework to learn.

Let us discuss…


Language: Ruby

This is a full stack web framework that was made by David Heinemeier Hansson for building BaseCamp. It was the first web framework that completely embraces the Model View Controller architecture which is presently known as the standard way to make web applications. The framework quickly achieved grip and skyrocket the Ruby programming language from darkness to a conventional programming language. In the modern world, Ruby-on-Rails acts an inspiration and illustration about crafting a web application framework providing the flexibility, structure and organisation for another web application agenda.


Python developers need to pick the best web frameworks from a diverse range. Django is one of the known python based web framework. It follows the Model View Controller pattern same as Ruby on Rails. Various third parties libraries, a large, vibrant community and developers make use of the Django web framework for large projects with many different developers. Frameworks like Flasks and Pylons are web frameworks in the Python system that provides various benefits from Django. It offers well-defined configuration to the applications that make use of the framework and gives more freedom to the programmer for expressing their codes in unique and different ways.

Version Control

Developers use Version controls as collaboration tools. Therefore it is essential for you to master the version control tools in your coding training. However, if you are searching to develop software at a specific level, you need to have an in-depth understanding of tools and technologies to collaborate and work together.


Git is a computer program that is used to manage the code, share code and keep track of who changed the line of code and when. Moreover, it also keeps your code backed up and secure if you involuntarily make revolutionise to your code that you would like to undo. It also offers the best way to start working on the experimental features by using its branching elements.


Github is the platform that is used to collaborate on code with the use of the Git program. It supports many features to promote collaboration and open source expertise and closed source technology equally. The platform works mutually with projects that exercise git technology. In Github, sign up for an account is free of charge and as a skilled developer, it is persistent in using GitHub as a place to platform your work and the effort you have completed – in parallel to on your portfolio.

Servers and Hosting


Heroku is the Platform As A service (PaaS) allowing developers to place their web application live on the internet speedily. It quickly switches the code written into a URL where the app is functioning, and you can send people. Furthermore, it also scales appropriately without the need to understand developer operations topics.

Amazon AWS

Amazon web services give developers the solutions for solving the problems like database hosting, image uploading server management and many more they face daily. In general coding bootcamps make you clear the particular skills with the latest technologies to build web applications. So you will be a high impact employee at beginning or tech business from day one.



Postgres function is the same as Excel file. It is a relational database that is available for high-performance use and production cases.  It supports highly developed geo-spacial features in the course of the PostGIS database. Postgres is one of the most dominant, scalable and consistent SQL databases in use. It also has a diversity of powerful features construct into the databases. Therefore Heroku has made PostgreSQL as the default database for their platform supports. Using Heroku as a platform and hosting service, Postgres database is an instinctive way out for quickly making best web applications.


MongoDB is a non-relational “NoSQL” database, and it is radically diverse from MySQL and PostgreSQL. When there is need to write Data to MongoDB, developers use JavaScript. MongoDB unravels some remarkable troubles relational database face when they strike on a high scale.  Lower scale applications repeatedly use Mongo.

Anyway whatever program you choose to join up, it is vital to recognise that as a professional developer you must have specific skill sets like a programming language, a web framework, understanding with server and hosting functionality, and databases. However, if you choose to learn skills as complex, the organisations or brands will set you up better in the long run.

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