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It is not the easiest thing to choose between Android and iOS. The two mobile operating systems, after all, have their strengths and weaknesses and which can vary wildly at times. They also share many similarities which makes the problem of choosing even more difficult. But if it came to it, what would you go for? Likely, you presently have an Android device or an iPhone and has already developed an in-depth appreciation for either. Still, this comparison between the two mobile operating systems might very well change your mind- be prepared for new surprises. 


Popularity matters because it drives demand for more features and apps. If you say you are a developer, you would want your app to be available in as many phones as possible. As you probably are aware, Android is the most popular OS with a 95% market share. As a result of this, there will always be more apps and app developers in Android than iOS. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the apps on Google Play Store are the best, but don’t forget that it has long been established that demand drives quality through sheer numbers and the competition that such brings.

Popularity also has implications on the stuff that people write, and comment on online. In most blogs dealing with PC repair tips and tricks, you are more likely to encounter something about Android as opposed to iOS simply because more people are interested in the OS running on their phone. 

Winner: Android.


Part of the reason that Android is so popular is that phones running on the OS are super affordable. You can get a phone running on a stable version of the latest Android release at meager prices, while the cheapest iPhone in the market retails at $324. It makes sense for Apple to price its products that way because someone has to pay for the OS. Still, with Google giving its OS away, phone manufacturers, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei don’t have to fork out any dollars to develop their OS. For this reason, they can price their products more cheaply.

There is a downside to this strategy; however, iOS comes with increased support and customization, but to many price-sensitive phone users, they would instead stick with Android.

Winner: Android

Upgrades and Compatibility

If you want your phone always to be running on the latest OS version, then you should seriously consider iOS given that every Apple release runs on the newest iteration of iOS. The same cannot be said for Android Phones. Once Google releases the latest Android version, phone manufacturers have to customize the OS to suit their hardware, a process that can take months. Android 10, the newest version of Android, is only available to Google Pixel users. This means other Android users have to wait a little bit longer for their device manufacturers to make customizations. Older phones may never get the latest version entirely if the manufacturer has stopped supporting them and this for your information, happens more often than not.

Winner: iOS

Security and User Privacy

iOS is by far more secure than Android and on multiple levels. Android is more prone to malware attacks than iOS, for instance, with some research pointing out that over 90% of all malware, i.e., viruses and worms target Android devices. There are many reasons for this, most device manufacturers don’t install the latest version of Android or don’t prioritize security patches. At the same time, many phone models run on ancient versions of Android that are no longer supported.

When it comes to user privacy, Apple takes things more seriously and rarely do you ever hear of privacy breaches affecting Apple users. The same, of course, cannot be said of Google, there always seems to be a privacy breach of some kind affecting Android users these days. It is a well-known secret that most Android phones rely on an Android cleaner and booster of some sort to keep their phone and its contents safe from malware and to prevent privacy breaches.

Winner: iOS


When it comes to hardware, it is a tough call to make. Some might say that the iPhone is sleeker than every other phone out there, but so could some Samsung Galaxy users. Overall, however, we can all agree that the iPhone is way better than most Android devices. It also has a better support system given that you can take your device to any Apple Store and have it repaired. It has also pioneered some stunning designs that we have all learned to appreciate over the years greatly.  

Android devices come in all shapes and sizes, and there is nothing equivalent that Apple has to offer to match this. Even if Apple were to increase its hardware releases tenfold, there would always be more models of Android phones than Apple devices. Plus, the design on some of the devices is very innovative. Samsung, for instance, pioneered bezel-less display screens and they have a foldable phone in the making.

Winner: Tie

Integration with Other Devices 

Both Android and iOS are great at integrating with other devices, but you’ve got to give it to Apple because of the extensive family of hardware that the company has to offer. Every Apple device operates seamlessly with every other, and sometimes the transition can pass unnoticed. You could, for example, start something on your phone like typing an email, and finish it on your Mac. Android has nothing to offer that is even close to this, and the reason is simple; there is not a family of devices that are all linked into one account, and as a result, there is no unified experience to talk about. Perhaps Google will enter into the business of creating its own hardware that will someday rival what Apple has to offer.

Winner: iPhone 


It is no secret that Google Play Store has more apps than the Apple Store, but quantity does not necessarily translate to quality- you will see why. Apple is more restrictive of the apps that make it to its platform because the Apple brand is strongly associated with quality, and the company would like to remain that way. That is the reason you will find less free apps on the Apple Store than are available on the Android platform. At the same time, because Apple is the only iPhone manufacturer around, the apps on the platform are more likely to be continuously updated to meet the specifications of the latest iOS version. Apps on Google Play Store can stay for years without being upgraded because there is always a phone running an older version of the OS. 

It is also worth mentioning that apps that invade your privacy or threaten your phone’s security are less likely to be available Apple Store because of the robust quality control.

Winner: iOS


When it comes to phones, convenience can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people- so it is best that we specify. Is it much easier to move in life with an Android compared to an iOS phone? Certainly, if you consider that when it comes to peripherals like chargers, earphones, screens, and batteries, an Android phone is much more convenient. You can charge your Android phone with every other charger no matter the manufacturer, for instance, but with Apple, you can only rely on the iPhone charger. The battery on the iPhone is also not easily replaceable and not to mention most Android phones these days, have dual sim support something that iPhones need to improve on.

iPhone users have their sources of convenience too, like having extended support in form Apple Stores where they can take their devices for repair. They also enjoy the seamless integration of different Apple devices that we talked about.

Winner: Tied

Voice Assistant 

When it comes to voice assistants, Android wins hands down, mostly because of Google’s dominance in the search engine market. It can leverage all the information it has on people, their tastes and preferences, and use that to build a better voice assistant. This is not to say that Apple is far behind in this game, but the company cannot simply match Google’s access to data and resources.

Winner: Android 

Final Verdict

As earlier implied, it is darn hard to choose between the two mobile operating systems. Different people love different things for their own reasons, and where things such as price and convenience are involved, it is best not to shout your own preferences in someone else’s face- you never know what is driving their decisions. In other words, we leave it to you to decide on what suits your needs the most.

Before you go, we recommend that you check out this PC repair guide, you might learn a few more things about your phone’s OS or even perhaps some handy Windows or Mac error solutions.

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